limits of science

Morning musings

I’m working on book about the limitations of scientific knowledge, tentatively called Science Is Wrong.  I’ve been trying to get a grip on exactly what the book will be and how I will talk about it.

Woke up at 6 a.m. with the following thoughts swirling in my head:

1. For many people (including many scientists), invoking science is the easiest way to get them to check their critical thinking skills at the door.

2.  There’s a myth that science protects you from believing in preposterous stories.  But – at its deepest level – this is completely wrong.  In fact, the whole job of scientists is to invent preposterous stories that help us get a handle on some element of the natural world….all the while knowing that it is inevitable that the stories will be proven preposterous by future scientists.

3. The consensus of scientists is not the same thing as the Scientific Consensus.


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