If your moral character is flimsy
Or your wit be rather slow,
Oh dare not read these tales of whimsy
For often do they end in woe.


Quite possibly the most dangerous book of poetry ever written. Do you dare?  It’s so good it will make you sneeze.  What becomes of a girl who absolutely detests the color green?  What about a king who joins a punk band?  And the little boy who calls up God on the telephone?  Monsters, bears, wizards, and talking vegetables—This book has something for everyone.  Winner of the prestigious Baldersquash Medal, which honors the very best in highfalutin nonsense.

Tim DeRoche and Daniel González, author and illustrator of the best-selling Ballad of Huck & Miguel, return with a book of verse that will delight anyone who loves Lemony Snicket or Shel Silverstein.

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