The “disappearance” of the middle class

The “disappearance” of the middle class

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By now everyone is aware that the American middle class is disappearing or – even worse – nearing extinction.

Have the folks who write these lines actually stepped outside their houses lately?  It’s hardly a Dickensian dystopia out there.  We’re all running around in cars that seemingly run forever without breaking down while carrying little boxes that we usually get for free and tell us anything we want to know and let us talk to anyone, anywhere.  Most of us own houses.  We’re living longer than we ever have.

When I leave my house, all I see are “middle class” people.  And I do not live in a wealthy area.

And, yet, we’re told that everything is getting worse.

And even Forbes is piling on: “Middle Class Jobs Are Disappearing And The Fed Is The Culprit”.  Of course, their diagnosis as to the cause is different than others who have made this claim.

Someone needs to kill this meme.  And reporters/writers should make it a habit of asking themselves if the trope is true before they deploy the trope.

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