Obama’s love for “the best and brightest”

Obama’s love for “the best and brightest”

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On Meet the Press, the President describes what he wants out of immigration reform: “The country’s going to be better off if we have an immigration system that works. That has strong border security, that has streamlined our legal immigration system. So the best and the brightest who want to stay here and invest her[e] and create jobs here can do so.”

This is a common strategy in the reform debate: Talk about the difference between “good immigration” that allows “the best and brightest” to contribute to our economy while protecting against “bad immigration” which presumably includes “the worst and the dullest.”

I understand why the President is doing this, but it’s ugly and counterproductive.  Most of us are the ancestors of these “bad immigrants” – poor people with little education and few skills.  They came to America to make a better life for their children and grandchildren.  And it worked.  I’m proof.  And you probably are too.

We should make it easy for workers of all types to contribute to our economy, not just those that the President and his supporters would prefer to bump into at a cocktail party.

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