“Why do men want to be smarter than their women.”

“Why do men want to be smarter than their women.”

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Althouse and Instapundit go back and forth on this, and Althouse takes down Reynolds’ “just-so” story:

“There’s no end to the stories one can generate to explain whatever science report happens to pop up in the press and inspire us to think of reasons why it’s true (if it’s true).”

I consider this as the son of a mother who is demonstrably smarter than my dad (on several different dimensions).  It – um – caused some difficult issues to pop up.

But intelligence is not a single, easy-to-define characteristic.  I wonder if men and women might prefer different kinds of smarts.  And I wonder why Althouse and Reynolds are focusing on what the men want.  Perhaps men want to be “smarter” than their mates because they know that a smarter woman will always be looking for the smarter male.  Maybe it’s the females’ preferences that matter most in the mate market.

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